The next leap in encryption security for enterprise data.

SHIELD Crypto products utilize fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) technology to encrypt sensitive information throughout the entire data lifecycle.

The SHIELD Difference

All data is encrypted using quantum-resistant encryption throughout the entire data lifecycle: at rest (in the database), in transit between services, and during compute. Data encrypted with lattice-based FHE technology is resistant to attack by quantum computers.
Versatile Functionalities
SHIELD products support a wide range of operations over encrypted data, enabling use cases such as encrypted searches, encrypted data sharing, and encrypted machine learning.
Our products run in the cloud, so customers pay only for the hardware resources their applications use. Highly automated DevOps permit hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and testing to be run with minimal human intervention, lowering costs.
High Performance
SHIELD offers the highest performance FHE applications on the market via GPU acceleration technology and cutting-edge algorithms. As customer workloads grow, dynamic load balancing, and auto-scaling of cloud infrastructure will seamlessly support enterprise-scale datasets.
Our products offer a simple, comprehensive set of APIs for key services. They are simple to install and run, unlike legacy systems that are difficult to adapt to work with other systems and maintain. Our products easily integrate with all major cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, Google and IBM, and support THALES, Envieta, and other popular HSMs.
Minimal Downtime
Our products use a Kubernetes deployment layer to maintain availability even in the case of hardware or software failures. If a server goes down or crashes, Kubernetes simply routes traffic to other servers until a new server is brought online, usually in under a second. Our products run across multiple datacenters, and will not suffer outages even if an entire data centre goes offline. All upgrades are performed with the system running, without the need for any downtime.


From their inception, SHIELD products have been designed as cloud-native. Our products do not contain any legacy or pre-cloud technology. SHIELD products have been written entirely in-house so that the whole system integrates smoothly as the result of a single, coherent design.

Our products are built around APIs using a microservice architecture. The services our customers want to build can connect through our APIs to complete a seamless, frictionless solution.

Cloud-native deployments offer benefits beyond what legacy technologies in the cloud can provide.

Cloud-native deployments offer benefits beyond what legacy technologies in the cloud can provide. While legacy systems need to be taken offline to implement upgrades manually, SHIELD products are built using a microservices architecture and a Kubernetes orchestration layer. Microservices enable applications to be designed in a modular fashion to allow individual components of the system to be modified without disturbing other parts.

This containerization of services allows applications to run in different computing environments. Kubernetes is the orchestration layer that enables deployment of these services. This approach allows SHIELD products to offer maximum availability, scalability, fast onboarding, easy integration, and robustness without the need for costly manual interventions. All of these features increase reliability and affordability.

High Availability
Runs in multiple datacenters at once, allowing upgrades to be implemented without any downtime
Fast Onboarding
Quick installation and automatic, frequent upgrades.
Continuous Testing
Isolates against complexities of different operating systems and application dependencies.
Horizontally Scalable
Automatic scaling to accommodate the needs of enterprises of any size.
Easy Integration
HTTP REST APIs allow external applications to easily connect.