"We're creating the world’s highest performance products for data security and privacy."

- Glenn Gulak, CEO

Who We Are

SHIELD Crypto Systems is a world-class team of experts in encryption algorithms and enterprise-scale cloud deployment. Our talented software engineers harness GPU acceleration to power the fastest FHE technology on the market. Our technical advisors and research teams ensure that SHIELD continues to bring clients the most innovative and useful quantum-safe solutions.

Based in Toronto, Canada, SHIELD Crypto’s team comprises top talent from many different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds. Our strong team ethos and diversity are our greatest assets, keeping SHIELD open to fresh ideas, nimble, and at the leading edge of global trends.

Our Principles

Customer First

Our customers’ needs come first. We stay close to our customers, always consulting with them and listening to their concerns to ensure total satisfaction.

Most Complete

SHIELD’s FHE solutions are complete packages that seamlessly integrate with customers’ existing workflows.

Always Innovating

SHIELD is always looking into new ways to improve our products and to create new solutions to meet our customers’ future needs.

Best Technology

At SHIELD, we don’t just strive to be the best, we are the best. Proprietary in-house research resources ensure that we have access to the most interesting and novel developments in our field. Our top cryptographic and programming talent allow us to incorporate these developments into our products. SHIELD products have been written entirely in-house so that the whole system integrates smoothly as the result of a single, coherent design.


Chris Peikert
Chris Peikert
PhD (MIT) - Associate Professor, University of Michigan
Dr. Peikert’s research interests include cryptography, lattices, coding theory, algorithms, and computational complexity. His particular focus is on cryptographic... Read More
David Shepherd
David Shepherd
Principal, - White Space Shepherds
David Shepherd is an experienced technology leader with 30 years of experience in creating and bringing to market innovative products and technologies to the world’s largest financial institutions... Read More
Mona Sabet
Mona Sabet
Corporate Strategy - UserTesting
Experienced technology business executive and board advisor turning knowledge of companies’ products and ecosystems into actionable growth strategies... Read More

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